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Basic: Anatomy & Physiology

Intermediate: Anatomy & Physiology
Advance: Anatomy & Physiology

Online Basic-10 Training

Basic:  ICD-10 Face to Face
Intermediate: ICD-10
 Advance:  ICD-10

Basic: CCSA/Cpt
   Intermediate: CCSA/Cpt
Advance: CCSA/Cpt

 Case Management

Software development

Hospital Management Systems Modifications & Engineering 

In put all clinical Rules & Conventions Analysing data & Reporting 

Hospital Billing  


 Consulting Services 


UCode  - Complete coding solution

U Code is a coding tool was launched in 2018 that has automated clinical coding rules in ICD-10, CCSA/CPT and RPL. Built on the latest web based technology, multiple platforms such as iphones, palmtops and desktops. U Code can be utilised as a stand-alone coding tool or integrated into a billing or case management system. Replaces the coding manuals,Report generating module and capabilities 

ICD-10 'I-Opener'

This is a 4-hour ICD-10 training DVD that introduces one to the basics of ICD-10 and the South African Healthcare Industry 



Invoicing auditing system with report generating impact


IntelliCode is ICD-10 coding software that has automated ICD-10 coding rules and conventions. This software is a user friendly, time saving coding tool that will improve the quality of coded data. IntelliCode can be used as stand-alone coding tool or it can be fully integrated into a billing or case management system.