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Welcome to Africode Consulting (AC); a health risk management and specialist medical coding company that has the expertise to equip you with the required risk management and clinical coding knowledge to work in the healthcare industry. AC has evolved into the IT space catering for Funder & Provider needs including various other innovative software outside the medical industry.

(AC) offers a wide range of consulting services and training courses that have been designed by experts and are facilitated by ETDP SETA and INSETA accredited facilitators and assessors. These facilitators and assessors are also internationally accredited clinical coders. These courses have been designed to address the needs of healthcare workers who are employed in the provider, funder/administrator and other third party healthcare organizations. The courses aim to improve clinical risk management processes within healthcare organizations, thus enabling the delivery of cost effective, quality healthcare.

These courses are also appropriate for school leaver who would like to embark on a career in the healthcare industry.


Africode Consulting is a Close Corporation that was registered in 2004, registration number CK200402580023 

Sandton Office 

41B Adrienne Street




South Africa

HEAD OFFICE:   Call center:

19 Guillaume Avenue





Ms. Sithara Satiyadev

Sithara is an Internationally Accredited Professional Coder, one of the very few in South Africa. She is a nationally known coding specialist who has vast experience in the private/public provider and funder healthcare industry. Sithara is actively involved in various industry forums and committees that are responsible for recommending and setting diagnostic, procedural and other health standards in the South African Healthcare Industry. Some of the forums and committees include, The Private Health Information Standards Committee of South Africa (PHISC), The Health Classification Unit at the University of Witwatersrand, The World Health Organisation International Classification of Health Interventions Development Committee and previously The ICD-10 Ministerial Task Team, The National ICD-10 Implementation Task Team, DRG-Sub-committee and the ICD-10 Unit Standards Working group. Sithara is the founding member of Africode and is responsible for the strategic management of the company.

 Gayachund Satiyadev

Gayachund is a member of Africode and co-founder with fourteen years in the employee and legal benefits industry, Gayachund brought a wealth of experience on joining the team at Africode in 2004. His focus is to ensure the consolidation of Africode's position in the healthcare market as an innovative and service-oriented provider. He is a director of several companies and serves on the board of Africode Consulting. He is responsible for all legal & ethical affairs, strategic planning, business development and the marketing management of Africode.

Avatar Satiyadev

Head of IT & security

Knowledge management & systems

Project management for Africode

Oversight of call center for all companies

Operational management of properties

Strategic management of PostNet Boskruin

Ms Marion Renault

Marion is a clinical coder and comes with a wealth of knowledge in operational management. In her position as operational executive, Marion is responsible for the administration of Africode.

Mandika Satiyadev

Head of interior design and architecture

Strategic and operational management of Eso Therapy

Strategic management of some properties

Bhavishka Satiyadev

Owner of Pro-Law (AfriCode)

Head of HR and legal for all companies

Strategic management of Eso Therapy

Strategic management of some properties


Head Office: 41B; Adrienne Street. Sandown,Sandton

Main office Call Center: 19 Guillaume Avenue, Bordeaux, Randburg

Africode has a satellite office in Kwazulu Natal. This office provides operational and marketing functions.


Our strategic goals and objectives are based on an inspiration to be recognized as a specialist medical coding company. This distinction is embodied in our entrepreneurial culture which is balanced by our strong coding knowledge and skills, understanding of the private and public health sectors and our ability to be flexible, innovative and client centric.


To provide the highest standard of professional coding in South Africa and other African countries through the application of our entrepreneurial culture and our strong coding knowledge and skills.


We empower people in clinical coding

We thrive on an innovative spirit and complexities

We respect our clients and their beliefs

We pursue excellence through continuing education


Customer support is provided via our helpdesk facility based in Sandton, Gauteng. In addition, we also employ support consultants who visit clients on a regular basis to directly assist them with queries and provide onsite support.



This is a basic ICD-10 distance-learning programme that has built-in assessment components. Learners will receive a certificate of completion on successful complete of this course.

ICD-10 'I-Opener'

This is a 4-hour ICD-10 training DVD that introduces one to the basics of ICD-10 and the South African Healthcare Industry.


IntelliCode is ICD-10 coding software that has automated ICD-10 coding rules and conventions. This software is a user friendly, time saving coding tool that will improve the quality of coded data. IntelliCode can be used as stand-alone coding tool or it can be fully integrated into a billing or case management system.

U Code

U Code is a coding tool was launched in 2018 that has automated clinical coding rules in ICD-10, CCSA/CPT and RPL. Built on the latest technology it can operates on multiple platforms such as iphones, palmtops and desktops. U Code can be utilised as a stand-alone coding tool or integrated into a billing or case management system.


Invoicing management and auditing system & reporting


 Development of coding crosswalks, benchmarks, standards and guidelines

 Critiquing, enhancement and development of coding software products

 Writing and automation of clinical coding & billing rules for organisations

 Setting up of clinical coding auditing processes and conducting onsite and

offsite clinical coding audits

 Onsite scoping exercise and audits of health stakeholder coding systems and processes

 Setting up coding departments within organisations

 Coding of provider claims and patient health records

 Coding of health protocols, benefit packages and guidelines

 Assistance with claims review

 Development of discipline specific coding lists

 Assistance with development of alternate reimbursement models

 Analysis of clinically coded data including Diagnosis Related Group data analysis

 Assistance with clinical coding queries (help desk service & support)

 Assistance with development of Health Information Systems

 Development of coding software/programs

 Assistance with development of grouping softwares

 Updating of coding structures


CJoe Carter

Patricia Watson

Emma Jones