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Opertaion hours

Mon - Fri:08h00 - 17h00


19 Guillaume avenue, Brodeaux, Randburg, South Arica



 ICD-10 (basic, intermediate and advanced)

  CCSA in South Africa (basic, intermediate and advanced)

 Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGS)

 Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology

 Case Management

 Clinical Risk Management

 Prescribed Minimum Benefits

 Reference Price List

 Basic Clinical Auditing

 Hospital Coding and Billing

 Alternate Reimbursement Contracts (Fixed Fees and Per Diems)

Workshops include:

 ICD-10 and CCSA coding

 ICD-10 implementation requirements and compliance

 Findings from audits and data analysis

 Coding information sessions

 Customer Service 

Consulting 1

 Development of coding crosswalks, benchmarks, standards and guidelines
 benchmarks, standards and guidelines
 Critiquing, enhancement  development of coding software products
 Writing and automation of clinical coding & billing rules for organisations
 Setting up of clinical coding auditing processes and conducting onsite and
offsite clinical coding audits
 Onsite scoping exercise and audits of health stakeholder coding systems and processes

Consulting 2

 Coding of health protocols, benefit packages and guidelines
 Assistance with claims review
 Development of discipline specific coding lists
 Assistance with development of alternate reimbursement models
 Coding of provider claims and patient health records
 Setting up coding departments within organisations

Consulting 3

 Analysis of clinically coded data including Diagnosis Related Group data analysis
 Assistance with clinical coding queries (help desk service & support)
 Assistance with development of Health Information Systems
 Development of coding software/programs
 Assistance with development of grouping softwares
 Updating of coding structures

Software: UCode 

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